The terroir

The characteristics of our vineyards in Calaceite, Teruel, are very similar to those of the D.O. Terra Alta in Tarragona.

The terroir, located at a height between 300 and 350 m above sea level, has rather poor soils, composed of 38.50% of sand, 22% of clay and 39.50% of silt.

On the other hand we have a rather continental climate, in the sense that temperatures in summer rise a lot but also fall relatively at night, which is very positive for a high quality maturation. Far from what many can believe the high daytime temperatures, when they pass over 35 ºC (we rarely reach them), they are not good for the vineyard since they stop the photosynthesis, but the contrast with the temperatures of the night, around the 11ºC, it's very good.


We also have a relatively low rainfall, around 500 liters per year, which forces us to till the land very well. Some years and depending on how this rainfall is distributed, it is a bit scarce but, on the other hand, it makes us have low relative humidity, very good for the phytosanitary status of the vines: mildew is rarely seen and, practically, only oidium should be controlled with sulfur.

Thanks to these characteristics and the work of viticulture, the vintages are usually ripe and healthy and allow clean elaborations, without the need to add anything to the musts to obtain good and unique wines.




Our Wines

Our viticulture is respectful with the natural environment where our vineyards are. Thanks to that, we obtain excellent quality grapes. Our simple and clean winemaking allows us to produce pleasant wines that express the uniqueness of the land and help with a healthy digestion.

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Photos by Francesc Benavent.